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At Amos Electric, we think you deserve to have your cake and eat it too.

That’s why we’ve negotiated on your behalf to provide the best residential electricity plans and electricians possible: not only do you get reliable service at a fair price, but you get the great, local customer service you expect from Amos Electric. The electricity bill is one of many utilities most Texans pay each month, yet a lot of folks have questions about what, or who is involved in making sure the lights turn on when you get home and flip the switch. In most areas of Texas, you have the freedom to choose your electricity provider and there are a lot of providers and even more plans to choose from. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed: What happens when you have questions? Is there someone locally who will help you understand your bill? How long does my contract last, and what happens if I don’t have one? Amos Electric has partnered with three fantastic providers, Chariot Energy, Frontier Utilities, & Gexa Energy, to give you great rates from reliable, Texas providers and trusted, local customer service with Amos Electric. We aim to serve Central Texas with electricity service that is affordable, fair and backed by our 70 years of experience in the Central Texas Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our experts have a lot of experience analyzing electricity bills and contracts and will give you an honest answer about what you could save with electricity powered by Amos Electric. There’s no charge or commitment required for looking at your bill, just give us a call to get started.

We’ve been serving Central Texas and the surrounding areas since 1948.  We are on our third generation of family ownership.  If you’d like an honest, local expert to help you navigate the muddy waters of deregulation, the ability to come into our showroom and talk to a person face to face, ask questions about your bill, or make a payment, or to pick up the phone and call a local company and not a call center overseas, then we are who you need. Whether you need residential or commercial electricity service, Amos Electric has you covered!

In many cases, we can begin serving your home the same day.  If you sign up later in the afternoon or evening, it could be the following day.

CenterPoint EnergyHouston & Surrounding Areas1-800-332-7143
Oncor Electric DeliveryNorth & West Texas1-888-313-4747
Texas New Mexico PowerHouston Area, Dallas Area, & West Texas1-888-866-7456
American Electric PowerSouth & West Texas1-866-223-8508

We do run a soft credit check.  We will let you know if there is a refundable deposit required.  Deposits, if required, are refunded through a bill credit after electricity bills are paid in full for 12 consecutive months with no late payments.  We also offer other low or no deposit/no credit check plans to serve all customers.

We offer residential services in all deregulated parts of Texas except Sharyland Utilities.

Deregulation is the opening of a market to competition in a previously regulated industry. Texas Senate Bill 7, on January 1, 2002, created a deregulated electricity industry in Texas, allowing many consumers the opportunity to buy electricity from any Retail Electricity Provider (REP) they choose. Many consumers no longer have only one option for electricity. They can shop around for the best plan and, in many cases, lower their electric bill. Not all of Texas was deregulated. Certain municipalities still have an entity that continues to provide their electric service, but approximately 75% of Texas is deregulated.

The main change occurred when the large companies that previously had a monopoly on the electricity business were forced to split divisions into their specialties. They divided into three parts — Generation (making the electricity), Transmission and Distribution “TDSP” (transporting the electricity from the generator to the home or business) and Retail (buying wholesale electricity and selling and billing individual customers). Other companies were created at this time to also compete in the Retail portion of the electricity business as Retail Electric Providers (REPs). You now get to choose a REP who buys bulk electricity and sells to you — while the electricity is still delivered to you as reliably as ever, over the same wires you have always had.

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