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What is retrofit lighting? A retrofit means to provide new parts that, when originally built, were not available. Amos Electric quite effectively applies the retrofit concept to light fixtures.

Contact Amos Electric’s Energy Solutions team to take your old lighting and retrofit it with new, more energy efficient LED counterparts.

Call today for a walk through and quote for your home or business. Save money on your electricity bill and reduce bulb replacement costs, as well as enjoy the brightness from LED lighting!

Utility Rebates

You may qualify to cover a portion of your lighting retrofit investment with a rebate from OnCor or another utility. Ask us for more information.

Amos Electric is a qualified OnCor contractor approved to design and install residential and commercial lighting retrofits. We will help you secure your rebate, from application to final inspection, at no additional cost to you. However, timing is important. During each program year, OnCor quickly distributes its full allotment of rebate funds.


  • Do I have to change my light fixture to benefit from LED lighting?

    Most LED bulbs are made to fit existing light fixtures. Some fixtures may require minimal adjustments to accommodate LED bulbs. Amos Electric lighting specialists will help you choose the right LED lighting options for your specific needs, including the arrangement of installation services by our qualified electricians.

  • How long do LED bulbs last?

    LED bulbs typically last over 40,000 hours, or more than 13.5 years assuming your light burns eight hours per day.

  • What are my color options for LEDs?

    Can I get a soft white look? The short answer is yes, LED comes in a variety of colors. Amos Electric lighting specialists stand ready to match the best LED option with your lighting need.

  • Is it true that LED lights do not attract insects?

    Most insects are attracted to Ultra-violet rays. Unlike most traditional bulbs, LEDs do not have UV content and do not attract as many insects.

  • Is anything toxic or dangerous in LEDs?

    LEDs do not contain mercury and do not require special cleanup.

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