As the storm clouds roll in, or the power grid becomes compromised, do you have peace of mind knowing that you will not lose power when you need it most?  Amos Electric’s Energy Solutions team has the ideal backup generator for you!

Whether in Temple, Belton, Killeen, Round Rock, Austin, or anywhere in between, we install backup generation systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our backup generators provide the security and comfort that comes with knowing you will have power when you need it.

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  • What size backup generator do I need?

    Your generator size depends on how much energy you need during the critical time of a power outage. Some only need to power a few things for a short period while others have significant energy requirements. Beginning with understanding your critical energy requirements, Amos Electric will help size your backup generator to meet your needs.

  • Can a backup generator replace my traditional electricity source?

    Generally no. The fuel cost and the resulting power from a backup generator will typically be more expensive than power purchased from your local provider or from your solar PV system. Backup generators are designed to produce emergency power during critical times of a power outage.

  • Do I need a special fuel source to power my backup generator?

    Backup generators depend on a fuel source, typically natural gas, liquid propane or diesel fuel. Your choice of fuel will depend on fuel access and emergency power requirements. Amos Electric can help design the right backup generator system to meet your needs.

  • Does my backup generator need to be maintained?

    Yes, like your vehicle, you will get the most out of your backup generator investment with proper maintenance and care. Amos Electric provides repair and regular annual maintenance services to help ensure emergency power when you need it most.

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