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How Can I Practice Electrical Safety During Storm Season?

How Can I Practice Electrical Safety During Storm Season?

In Central Texas storm season is just about year-round and with summer temperatures high, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re using your home’s electricity safely. Electrical dangers are some of the top hazards associated with thunder storms.

To help you keep yourself and your family safe, here are a few ways you can practice electrical safety when the wind is blowing, lightening is flashing, and the rain is non-stop.

Make a plan of action

A storm warning is issued when dangerous weather conditions are expected to hit your area in 24 hours or less. That said, the best way you can be ready to cope with a storm is to be prepared.

Have a plan of action ready so when a storm warning is issued you know what to do. Secure any loose furniture or materials that are outdoors and wedge your home’s sliding glass doors to keep them from lifting up and off of their tracks.

Fill your bathtub with several days’ worth of drinking water and turn up your refrigerator to its coldest temperature; don’t open the fridge unless necessary. Check your flashlights for fresh batteries. If you’re instructed to turn off your utilities, do so and turn off propane tanks.

Avoid flood waters at all costs

Don’t drive into flooded areas and don’t walk in floodwaters if possible. Even areas that have only a few inches of water can be dangerous because of the possibility of downed electrical wires.

If you see downed wires where you are, be sure to treat them as if they were live. This is especially important if there’s standing water near the wire.

Have a backup generator installed

It can be dangerous when you lose power during the summer months whether there’s a storm or not. Because of high temperatures and humidity, the risk of heat exhaustion increases when your home doesn’t have power.

Kids and seniors are especially susceptible to heat exhaustion. Backup generation services can keep your air conditioning running to keep everyone safe.

Looking for backup generation services in Temple TX?

According to the Department of Energy, statistics reveal that up to 22% of all electricity generated in the U.S. is used just for lighting our homes. However, electricity is also used for air conditioning systems, which are vital when faced with the summer heat.

Backup generation services ensure that your home still has the energy to power appliances such as your air conditioning system to keep your family safe and your refrigerator to keep your food at safe temperatures. For more information about backup generator services or to learn about lighting retrofits and light accessories, contact Amos Electric Supply today.

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