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5 Things NOT To Do During A Power Outage

5 Things NOT To Do During A Power Outage

You don’t need to have a snowstorm for your power to go out. Rain, hail, or even a bad gust of wind can do the trick. Although most power outages only last a short period of time, some can last for days. Still, even the shortest power outages can put you and your family in danger if you don’t respond correctly. To keep you and your loved ones safe the next time you lose power, here are five things you should never do during a power outage.


  1. Don’t leave your electronics plugged in. The classic sign that a power outage is over is when you see the microwave time blinking 00:00. But it’s actually not good to leave your electronics plugged in during a power outage. When the power comes back on, there’s a chance of a power surge. This surge could damage your electronics or even cause an electrical fire.

  2. Don’t use traditional candles. Candles are often the first thing a person uses during a power outage. However, traditional candles can be easily knocked over by pets and kids. Instead, try battery-powered candles: you won’t have to worry about leaving them unattended as you go from room to room. In addition, keep a flashlight in a specific spot in each room. This way, you’ll be able to find a light when the power goes out no matter where you are in your home.

  3. Don’t open the fridge. When the power’s out, the food in your fridge and freezer can easily go bad. Keep the fridge door closed to keep the cold air inside as long as possible to keep your food cold. For extended outages, you can help keep temperatures down by adding blocks of ice to your freezer or refrigerator.

  4. Only use backup generators outside the house. Backup generators are a great energy solution for power outages, but it’s vital you only use your backup generator outside the house. Running a backup generator inside your home puts your family at serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  5.  Don’t go near pools of water. Power outages are sometimes caused by downed power lines. Not only can power lines electrocute you, but any water the power line is touching can also be dangerous. Stay away from things like large puddles, pools of water, or any flooded area.


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