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Winter Energy Savings: The Gift That Keeps Giving

residential electricity serviceFor those looking to save on their electricity bill this winter, many Americans have been turning to solar panels. Solar panels can save the average American household a total of $84 a month on their electric utility bill. In addition, solar panels can reduce a household’s carbon footprint by up to 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide.

But how do solar panels work in the winter? Texas may not be a place for heavy snow, but the occasional cold snap or hail storm can roll through. Here are a few items to consider when it comes to your solar photo-voltaic (“PV”) system working efficiently all year long.

The myth of the solar panel in winter
In addition to selecting a residential electricity service with great rates for your home’s electricity, solar panels are a great energy-saving solution – even during winter months.

It’s a common myth that solar panels don’t work in the winter, but solar PV systems can actually see improved energy output during the winter months, especially when it snows. This is because snow reflects light, so light energy that would otherwise be absorbed by pavement or grass is reflected by snow and your solar panel can convert it to power your home. The only way winter can potentially harm your solar panels is if your system is completely covered in snow, which is extremely unlikely if you live in the Central Texas area.

The real problems of solar panels in winter
Solar panels are not only energy efficient, but they also work incredibly well throughout the year in multiple types of weather. Heavy snow on top of panels can not only block sunlight and temporarily stop them from generating electricity, but the weight of the snow can cause permanent damage to the panels. Fortunately, there’s rarely enough snow in Central Texas for this to be a concern for home owners trying to improve their electricity bills with solar panels. Plus, it’s worth remembering even during a cold snap, daytime brightness (even through rainclouds) is sunlight than can be converted into electricity to power your home.

You can lower your electricity bill throughout the year with a solar PV system and great rates from your local residential electricity provider. For more information on residential and commercial solar panels, contact Amos Electric Supply today.

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