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Save on Electricity This Fall and Winter Season

electric companySummer is out the door and the days are getting shorter. It can seem impossible to save money on your electric utility bill, even with a great electric company on your side. According to the EPA, the average American homeowner can easily save up to $180 per year on their electric bill; all you need is a properly programmed thermostat.

Programmable thermostats offer homeowners significant benefits including increased peace of mind, comfort, and improved energy savings during colder months. While these devices are standard in virtually all new homes, many older homes are still using thermostat technology from the Cold War era. Still on the fence about switching over to a programmable thermostat? Consider the following advantages:

1. Energy efficiency
During the colder months, allow your home to be cooler during the day while you’re away at work. This saves money on electricity otherwise used to heat your house when no one is home. You can program it to warm up just before you arrive home in the evening so the only difference you’ll notice is a cheaper electric bill.

2. Better sleep
Many people sleep better and deeper sleep when sleeping in a cooler room. It’s true that using a programmable thermostat can help you to improve the energy efficiency in your home. Try programming your thermostat a few degrees lower and sleeping in a slightly cooler room for 2-3 weeks as a trial to measure your sleep quality.

3. Greater convenience
Having a programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home even when you’re away. Turning up the thermostat on a chilly day so it’s warm when you arrive home is a convenience you won’t want to pass up. Plus, for any heads of household with family or guests who like to change the temperature, a programmable thermostat could be the solution for you!
Savings from your programmable thermostat is just one way you can capitalize on great electricity rates from your local power company this winter. To learn more about lowering your monthly electric bill, contact a specialist at Amos Electric Supply today.

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