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How to Maximize the Energy Efficiency of LED Lights in Your Home

LED Light bulb.[/caption]Up to 22% of electricity in the U.S. is used for lighting, according to the Department of Energy. American homes are considered the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States after power plants.

Not only is inefficient electricity harmful to the environment, it can also make your electric utility bill dangerously high regardless of the electric company you have. Fortunately, LED lights can help any homeowner get cheaper electric bills while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits of using LED lighting in your home
LEDs allow homeowners to light their homes like never before. With unmatched brightness, reduced operating costs, high energy efficiency, and low heat emissions, LED lighting offers great value to both residential and commercial properties. LED lights have quickly replaced both incandescent and cost saving light bulbs during the last 10 years.

Consider the following tips to reduce your electricity bill and put the many great, cost-saving features of LED bulbs to use in your home:

  • Dimming your lights
    Bright lighting is great, but not always necessary. Consider using auto-dimming elements in your indoor lighting so you can adjust the brightness of your lights depending on the need and time of day.
  • Use daylight
    Using natural lighting is not only better for your eyes, but it’s also more energy efficient. Consider pairing daylight sensors with LED lights: as daylight increases or diminishes, your LED lights will gradually dim or brighten as needed.
  • Get rid of unnecessary lighting
    If you have a new LED lighting system in your home or warehouse, consider using only that lighting system. You can do a simple test to see how much light you need in the space. With brighter lights that cost less to power, you might find you can light a room using fewer fixtures and less overall electricity.

LED lighting can help to lower electricity rates in both residential and commercial properties. However, with the right electric service company, you can improve your rates even more.

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