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Fun Summer Lighting Ideas

Fun Summer Lighting Ideas

With the whole summer ahead of us, folks are looking to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. A lot of hard work goes into creating the perfect outdoor space: developing the right landscape design, choosing the correct outdoor furniture, creating ideal spaces with both sun and shade, and much more.

A lot of time and effort go into our outdoor spaces, yet most homeowners overlook outdoor lighting. It may seem like a small oversight, but great lighting can help you enjoy your backyard through the summer and into the fall.

Here are some fun lighting ideas that will allow you to shine a light on your perfect outdoor space.

Light the Perimeter

When you think of outdoor lighting, you generally think of pathway lighting and lighting around entrances to the home. These are important areas, but often they only make up a small portion of the outdoor space. Decorative outdoor light fixtures on fences and exterior walls can make just about any space look and feel much larger. Better lighting along the perimeter of your backyard can also create more useable space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hang Lights

Whether it’s a gazebo or a grove of trees, there are often great opportunities to use hanging lights or lanterns. Either of these can be a great alternative or complement to surface-mounted or freestanding outdoor fixtures. With so many options available, lanterns and hanging lights easily add dimension and style to your outdoor space. Plus, they can often be installed with minimal tools or hardware making them a great and easy way to brighten your yard.

Use Indoor Lighting as Inspiration

Homeowners often miss the opportunity for interior lighting to inspire their exterior lighting because the two are thought of as separate. Using the same finishes or fixture styles can create a cohesive feel that brings your indoor design into your outdoor space and vice versa. Especially where outdoor areas directly connect to indoor entrances, this is a great way to tie spaces together.

Highlight the Landscape

Outdoor lighting can be used for so much more than simply making a space brighter. Flower beds, privacy bushes, and mulched areas are also great opportunities for outdoor lighting. It won’t necessarily make your entertaining space larger, but it can make your yard appear larger and look great at night by creating depth and highlighting landscaping.

When the weather is warm, your yard truly becomes an extension of your home. A beautiful outdoor lighting design will allow you to enjoy your yard throughout the entire day and night.

If you are looking to spruce up your outdoor lighting this summer, contact us at Amos Electric. We carry a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures in our lighting showroom that can help bring your yard to life!

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