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3 Advantages To Retrofitting Your Lighting For LEDs

LED lighting retrofits allow you to make your lighting more energy efficient by replacing components of the system, rather than replacing the entire system. In fact, lighting retrofits are more beneficial than starting from scratch.

While energy conservation is a huge selling point, it’s not the only reason to consider lighting retrofits.  Below are some advantages of retrofitting lighting for LEDs.

  1.    LED lights reduce energy costs by 80%. It’s well known that LED lights are energy efficient, but did you know how much? LED lights only use about 15% as much energy compared to a regular incandescent light bulb. LEDs have the capability to run for up to 10 hours a day and last for over 10 years because they have no fragile glass or filaments. This more durable construction means you’ll save money on replacing light bulbs.
  2.    LED lights are bright in the cold. Whether you’re retrofitting your lights for the indoors or outdoors, you’ll be set with LED lights. CFLs are at their brightest after warming up (often a couple minutes after you first turn them on), which means they can take even longer or not work at all in cold temperatures. LED modules stay bright in cold weather, even at temperatures near freezing! You don’t have to worry about your outdoor lighting going out during Texas’ winter frosts.
  3.    LED lights are a safer option. When you look at your home’s lighting, you may not think of it as dangerous. However, fluorescent lighting has the potential to emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation which can burn your skin on a cellular level without you noticing. LED lighting is the safer option because it doesn’t emit harmful ultraviolet light.

Prior to making an investment in LED retrofit lighting, it’s a good idea to browse a lighting store showroom to see what options are available. Stop by Amos Electric today to view our wide selection of lighting retrofits and speak with our lighting experts to get started on your project!


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