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101 On Saving Energy and Reducing Your Bill

101 On Saving Energy and Reducing Your Bill

Creative Ways Of Lowering Your Energy Bill

The electricity bill is a daily battle that we have won, and lost, on multiple occasions. Knowing when to turn on the A/C unit and to what degree during the hot summer months or when we can finally shut it off and open windows during the fall season adds to the challenge. Do you make sure all the lights are off when exiting a room or do you really need them on if there is enough natural light streaming in? Uncertainty is a heavy stressor to carry, but let’s clear up a few things and pass on some “light ideas“.

Let’s start with your electric company; do you really know all your options? First thing you need to ask yourself is how many retail electricity providers service your area and what are their electricity rates? There may be several local energy services that are competing for customers by outbidding each other. If this exists in your area, you may be able to take a bite out of the bidding wars and receive lower fixed electricity rates. Who would want to pass up these types of “light ideas” if it puts money back into your pocket?

Another “light idea” would be to switch from traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs. While a little more expensive than traditional incandescent light bulbs, they are more energy-efficient and last forty times longer. Most LED lighting retrofits provide a 65-70% improvement in overall energy efficiency; this means your savings could be more than 90% annually. In addition to their longevity, safety is an important feature; especially when little ones are involved.

Safety is perhaps the most overlooked advantage when considering LED lighting. The single highest hazard pertaining to lighting is the heat coming from each individual bulb. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs emit nearly no forward heat. Traditional incandescent bulbs convert over ninety percent of their energy into heat. That makes for a very hot surface that can be easily reached by little hands, particularly when used in lamps. Not only does this create a safety issue, but all those hot light bulbs add heat into your home. So besides being inefficient in their use of electricity, they are also making your A/C run more.

As a nice perk, LED lights also have an amazing color rendering index; also known as CRI. This measures the light’s ability to reveal the actual color, whether it be an object or human body. This is in comparison to the “natural light” we see and use daily with the bright shiny star we call the sun. These lights have very high ratings concerning the CRI levels which makes this a more desirable characteristic.

Using these “light ideas” can make your electricity bill lower, your home safer, and lessen your stress. Check with your local electricity providers to find the best rates that fit with your electricity usage. Switch to LED lighting to improve overall energy efficiency and safety for your home. When you implement these strategies, you will win the battle over the electricity bill. Go to AmosElectric.com to learn more about reducing your electric bill.

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